Custom Comfort Club


The Custom Comfort Club with Custom Sheet Metal and Heating is your choice for more advantages and benefits than ever before. Your savings start at the Trusted or True levels when you sign up for the Custom Comfort Club the same day you request service. We have a plan available for every budget and offer flexible payment options.


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To enroll in the Custom Comfort Club, please print, fill out and mail your enrollment form to us at:

9444 N US 31

Free Soil MI 49411

Please do not email us forms with sensitive information such as credit card, bank account or social security numbers.

Custom Sheet Metal and Heating recommends scheduling maintenance anytime during the calendar year, not just in the fall or spring.


Leave the maintenance to Custom Sheet Metal and Heating and relax knowing that regular maintenance on HVAC equipment provides you peace of mind, helps avoid expensive repairs and helps your regular equipment to have a longer, more useful life.


There’s No Substitute For Experience.


Custom Sheet Metal and Heating promises to offer practical solutions to keep your total heating and cooling system running at optimal efficiency. The HVAC system is the heart of your home or business. It works together with your duct work and proper air filtration to offer you total comfort and performance.


To learn more about our Custom Comfort Club contact us today.


don’t confuse a safety inspection with maintenance.

During a maintenance visit, the safety items are checked and the efficiency and reliability are maintained by cleaning and testing components necessary for efficient operation.

A safety inspection only checks

the items related to the safe

operation of your furnace.